From an early age, Pedro Mestre was fascinated by the sea, in photography he saw the ideal excuse to stay close to the vast sands that are bathed by salty water. Although born in Lisbon, in 1990, it was in the rich coast of Ericeira that he grew, both as a person and as a photographer, staying there until this day.

After a less favourable review from a director of one of the most prestigious Portuguese surf magazines, Pedro Mestre decided to invest in his passion for photography and started taking courses in 2010. While starting his academic path in the area to improve his technique in the art of pressing the shutter button, surf was quickly developing in Portugal and it was about to become one of the major boosters of the economy. We were seeing a perfect match. Pedro lived in of the the richest areas of Europe when it came to surf and his local knowledge was precious, allowing him to be in the spotlight as one of the most talented photographers of waves in Portugal.

He started working with SURFPortugal, after the director, João Valente, noticed his evident growth, boosted by his studies. It was there where he got his first cover in a distinguished magazine. After a short while, the Associação Nacional de Surfistas (ANS) hired his services, recognizing the potential of the young photographer from Lisbon. Recently he joined the Ocean Events team, living and working inside international surf events that are performed in our country. To the experience gathered from championships, he combines a sharp and hungry perspective in the free surf sessions that are developed in our coast, having countless pictures - spreads and double pages - published in some of the most prestigious international surf magazines, for example, the American Surfer Magazine or the Australian Surfing Life. In the last few years, his experience and field of work have expanded to the surf related tourism industry, which makes him one of the most versatile professionals of national surf and of the lifestyle linked to it. Pedro Mestre cooperates frequently with many surf camps and schools, like  Lapoint Camps and 3Ondas SurfSchool.

Besides knowing the Portuguese waves so well, he also has in his curriculum the experience from some seasons away from home. Sri Lanka, Morocco, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Basque Country, Canary Islands and Madeira are some of the locations where his camera and lenses have been. Pedro Mestre stands out because of how professional he is and, although sometimes he might not be noticed in the sands, he does have a efficient and methodical approach. These characteristics make him, simultaneously, one of the youngest photographers with a lot of experience and potential of our beaches.

João Vasco (Surf Journalist),


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